Diagnosis Seminar


This is simply a crash course that will give you the main perspective and tools to make a competitive grant application. In this seminar you will be instructed step by step through the narrative structure of a grant application. You will learn formulating your project description and artist statement as well as receive tips on portfolio making and successful artist resume preparation. Additionally, you will explore the ways of finding the suitable German and International application calls for your project/artwork.

Working topics include:

Module #1: On Funding Bodies
– Understanding Funding Bodies
– Decision process in funding application evaluations
– List of places to find suitable grant givers
– Getting over your writing blockage

Module #2: On Applications
– Structure of funding applications
– Creating a project description
– Writing your artist statement
– Key elements, tips and tricks for a successful application

Who is it for:
Artists from all disciplines, art collectives, project curators, NGOs, grant writers, art managers who are currently (or soon will be) working on an application.

What to bring:
Computer, paper and pens recommended for note-taking.

Duration of the course:
5 hours in 1 day

Dates: TBA

Language: English

Min. 4 people

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