“I want to tell you that I came home to an email saying I’ve been awarded the visual artist bursary I applied for on Monday!!!!! I was so taken aback and thrilled beyond measure! This is sooooo good for me, the break I need.

So thank you Ece. I had not even uncovered the grant when I applied for the workshop with you so the timing was amazing !

I look forward to joining you on the next workshop.”

J. visual artist, Berlin

“I wanted to thank you for the workshop last year..!!! cause it worked
I just won the Senatsverwaltung förderung for Film and Video”

Laura Fong Prosper

“- excellent to get the lists of webstites
– very good overview of the funding bodies and decision making process
– very good to discuss over specific examples
– very good to write together and get immediate feedback.”

A.B., visual artist, Berlin

“The course was easy to understand, even for non-English people. It was also motivating for writing grant applications again…. You are a great teacher, always focused, calm, friendly and having good ideas! Thank you!”

U.M., visual artist, Berlin

“I have clearly benefitted from the course, I got motivated…. The content of the course was pretty clear. For someone like me who has only started recently I got a lot of new information that I can process.”

A.K., visual artist, Berlin

“I have a much better understanding of how to approach grants, how to tailor them, a clearer idea of my own artistic process, and very useful information about grants available to Berlin artists… The most important thing is that I have more confidence in myself, that I can take the right approach and write an application well… I feel like now I can write a good application, and I also have a much more clear understanding about my own interests and direction as an artist… I LOVED your workshop Ece, am so happy I took part! And you were really fun to learn from.”

J.B., dance artist, Berlin

“Ece Pazarbasi was a key collaborator in building the presentation for our film project. She helped us to understand which elements were important to present to a new decisive audience. She helped us gather and create texts and informations which were crucial in the context of an application.
From an idea to presentable application, we would not have made it without her support.”

S.T., film producer, Berlin – for Emergency Room services

“I have enjoyed working with Ece on several applications under rewarding circumstances and also those of high stress and immense pressure.  She has always been the consummate professional and a colleague one could depend on when difficulties need to be addressed and solved.”

D.B., artist, Brussels – for Emergency Room services

“Ece is a creative person who has figured out how to make art on her terms by learning and mastering the grant-writing process. That, in itself, is such an inspiration. In her seminars, she took us through the whole process, demystifying each step, and encouraging us to take the leap. The calm she exudes about each step is enough to convince you that it’s not rocket science, just a series of steps to be taken. After the seminar, you are sure about what those steps are and how to take them. It’s definitely worth your time.”

G.K., opera singer, Berlin

“The clinic was a great concise guide through all of the steps of the grant writing process.  Even as someone who has written some grant proposals before I found it very useful for refining my proposal, budget, and timeline.  Lots of tips and suggestions that I had never thought about.  Ece was very informative and also accommodating to my schedule when I could not attend the twenty minute one on one session.”

B.K., visual artist, Berlin

“Ece Pazarbaşı, the workshop holder is professional in this fields. Not only of her knowledge, but also transferring it. She is also very successful in collecting data and connecting them. In addition, very good at analysing the levels of participants through their backgrounds and perspectives and grounding them on the same discussion and learning platform.”

U.D., visual artist, Berlin

“Ece helped me greatly by researching the art support structures and the grant application task – which has a significant role in a ‘professional’ life of an artist. Making these researches and getting into the application process steals a lot from the creation and production time of an artist. Plus, the rate of success is usually quite low. The education and skills of visual artists are usually more focused on visual materials and their written capacities are relatively weaker than their visual capacities. Getting support from an experienced professional on these fields raises the chances of success. Ece rewrote my project description for an application for a residency programme she suggested me and helped me to receive a grant. I did not have to deal with the boring research and application preparation process, plus the application was successful. Our collaboration was very fruitful.”

S.V., visual artist, Berlin